03 June 2009

cheap cuts

a few months ago, henry had this idea to start a blog where we kept track of all the money we save on things. we are both coupon clippers and bargain shoppers... and we get really excited when we save money (i'm talking REALLY excited). although such a blog does not exist, i shall take a moment to document the savings of the tsay family with regard to haircuts.

picture this: you are a man. you like to keep your hair pretty short. your hair grows approximately 17.4 inches a month (ok, that might be a little exaggeration). so what do you do? well, if you are mr. henry tsay, you probably hit up your local headstart once a month, dropping $15 plus a tip. but alas! you have another option. enter your wife with a $15 hair buzzer from walmart. SHIZAM! your monthly haircut has paid for itself in one month. although it was good my first try didn't occur before some type of family portraits, i've gotten better. i even got mother-in-law approval last week. that's kind of a big deal.

so far, tsay family haircut monthly budget: $0.

although i wish the hair buzzer tactic would work on my flowing locks, face it ladies, we need a professional. or do we? i recently discovered the (incredible) value of hitting up a local cosmetology school for a haircut. although these students are not yet "professionals," they work harder than anyone i've ever had cut my hair. they know the techniques, and they are trying to do their best both for you and their instructors. although the entire experience is not one of a high-class salon, the results are perfectly acceptable - and oh so great for the budget. the damage? $7 for a shampoo and cut. i don't get my hair colored, but they will do it for around $30. STEALS! all steals.

so, total tsay family monthly haircut budget: $7 every other month or so. BAM.

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Betty said...

We too are fans of the buzz clippers. LOVE them. I like the hair school idea. I also like going to supercuts. No major mishaps... YET ;)