24 June 2009

oh yeah, you'll find you're strong enough.

a few things i'm feeling thankful for today:

air conditioning and ceiling fans. it was only a few years ago that i was living in chicago in a building with no a/c on the hottest summer on record there in awhile. misery.

great friends. ben and amanda have made the last few weeks delightful. i'm going to miss them dreadfully when they move, but getting to spend time with them is something i'm immensely grateful for. as are the wineries of the world: just put two empty bottles in our recycling bin on the back porch. :)

local farmers. henry and i went down to pepper place last weekend armed with a $20 bill, and we promptly spent it all. we came home with two baskets of blackberries, peaches, zucchini, green beans, green onions, and a box of granola. we've eaten everything but 2 of the peaches and the zucchini (it's on the menu for tonight) -- and we're sold. we'll be back for sure.

discoveries. i've been cleaning out some things in our study, and today i randomly found an old pete yorn cd that i was actually looking to buy. he opened for coldplay on their viva la vida tour this summer, and it reminded me how much i liked his old stuff. and now i get to rediscover him without spending a dime.

henry. always. it's funny how many of his habits i've picked up since we've been married -- and, surprisingly, how thankful i am for that. although we've had lots of bills, car stuff, etc. to deal with recently, henry has approached it all patiently and with the expertise of a seasoned pro. i can only hope i pick up more from him.

family. this weekend, we're going to visit my sister and brother-in-law in louisville, ky. today is their 3rd anniversary! my younger sister is coming too, and it should be a good time all around. henry and i keep dreaming about being able to live closer to our siblings... we're excited that this weekend will be another taste of that.

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a girl named heather said...

whoa. 3rd anniversary? i did not realize that :) sweet!

see you SOON!