21 June 2013


henry and i have been trying out different online music services recently. and when i say "henry and i," i mean that henry has been trying them out, and i just started an account with spotify yesterday. :)

in my (straw man) defense, i have had a pandora account for a few years which has mesmerized me in its ability to read my mind and play things i like. i've found some of my recent favorite bands in this way. what's more -- some of these newer programs are now even allowing you to listen to whole albums. (!) revolutionary, people.

unfortunately for henry, this means that i have all the more access to my oft-criticized obsessive genre of music: strong-rhythm'ed, complex-lyric'ed, male british crooners (did i get that right, babe?). and yesterday, i discovered ben howard. needless to say, i've listened to 'every kingdom' about 3 times through already and love every piece of it. 

do yourself a favor: pour yourself a glass of wine, snuggle into the couch, and turn on this album. you might fall asleep (i concede this, henry), but you also might soothe your soul.

how would you know?
when everything around you's changing like the weather,

a big black storm.
and who would you turn to?
or hide a ghost, a shadow at the most, would you let me know?
cause i don't want to,
to trouble your mind with the childish design of how it all should go.
but i love you so,
but it all comes clear, when the wind is settled, i'll be here, you know.

.gracious. ben howard