18 June 2009

past, present, future

although i've been a bit dramatic about my poor cabrio (i was more attached than i realized), i was able to bring some closure to its untimely death when we went to see it on friday before they took it to the junkyard. i yanked off the VW symbols from the front and back of the car -- and they are now hanging on my wall as a bit of a memorial. it was a great car and i'll miss it, but i think i am able to move on now.

and -- i really like my new car. we picked it up on monday, and i've begun getting used to it. it's not my old car - but it really is a lot nicer in many ways. it has 4 doors and a hatchback, so it's a lot more functional. there's even an auxillary input so i can plug in my ipod. hot. i really feel so lucky to have been able to find an awesome replacement car so quickly and for such a reasonable price. here's to years of fun in the new car!

so it's already june 18. time has flown the last few weeks! i don't mind being so far along in my "scholarly activity" block -- as i'm sure others doing theirs can attest to -- but i do still actually have to DO IT. i'm currently frequenting lister hill library, desperately channeling my stats knowledge from undergrad in order to run some analyses and make sense of them. henry and i will be gone from july 9-16, so i really have only the next three weeks to finish the project! i'm actually ECSTATIC about this... but also needing to, as i've said, DO IT.

then, on the delightful day of july 27, i start my neurology clerkship to be quickly proceeded by internal medicine and surgery. i know that sometime over the next few months when i'm about to drift off to sleep in the call room bunkbed and am abruptly woken up to do some menial task, i will probably look back to this time of research and curse myself for not basking in its glory. but nevermind that. i'm readyreadyready to take care of patients. i'm ready to do what i went to med school to do. let me do it already! :) ...ok i'll finish this project first, dangit.

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allison said...

my sister wrecked her jetta recently and did the exact same thing - the VW symbol is hanging up on her wall. :) i'm sorry for your loss, but yay for new cars! and those aux inputs are awesome, i'm insanely jealous of anyone who has one.