31 October 2008

only thing missing: hot chocolate

chilly mornings listening to norah jones make me long for Christmas.

29 October 2008

prayer for my brothers and sisters

Remind us every day that all we have comes from You.

Our attempts to hold on so tightly to the material things of this world are pointless and irrelevant; the fact that I have this computer to type this is a testament to Your providence, not my own wealth. Help us let go!

When we claim our right to things over the needs of others, we distance ourselves from the example of Your son who we so imperfectly attempt to emulate. Widows, children, medically needy, poor... remind us of the gospels and the life of Jesus. Don't let us be swayed by opinions all-too-loudly-preached (from pulpits).

When we develop a self-righteous morality and attempt to follow it, forgoing the needs of others, we subscribe to legalism. You disdain legalism... you sent Jesus to be crucified as the ultimate sacrifice and freedom from the unattainable goals of a legalistic life.

We are imperfect, Jesus, but don't let us also be misled. Help us cling to You and Your truth. Don't let us become caught up in details that ultimately don't matter... let us live as You did and would.


28 October 2008

better day

cold weather makes me feel alive!

neuro... meh. final exam this week. next week: fall break. come quickly!

27 October 2008

wounds that heal and cracks that fix

look at earth from outer space
everyone must find the place
give me time and give me space

give me real, don't give me fake

give me strength, reserve control

give me heart and give me soul

wounds that heal and cracks that fix

tell me your own politik

open up your eyes
just open up your eyes

and give me love over this


i don't have a lot to say tonight. there are many wisps of thought spinning through my busy brain, but none are formed for outward expression. oftentimes i find a song which resonates with me and is able to offer a clue into these thoughts... tonight, from coldplay.

one word: think. the world of a difference comes from engaging in this verb. i used to believe that over-thinking was a bad habit of mine. yet, as the years have progressed, i have gained more understanding, peace, and freedom from engaging in thought than i can articulate.

when we allow others to dictate what we believe, we lose our identities. the ability to decide what you believe is one of the most beautiful gifts we have... it surprises me over and over how many are willing to easily forfeit this gift. open up your eyes! just open up your eyes.

Lord, give me love over this.