05 June 2009


i have a confession. an admission, really. many of you know this already, but you may not have known the extent. i have a problem. hi, my name is sharon. "hi, sharon!" and i am ADDICTED to rearranging furniture.

it got really bad in college... especially when i had a big test coming up. productive procrastination i liked to call it - but my roommates just found it disorienting. i'd rearrange our common room. i'd rearrange the room i shared with my roommate. ...and now i'm married with an apartment full of furniture. and an enabling husband.

when we moved into this new place, i convinced myself there was only one way to arrange the furniture. i really had myself convinced... for about a week. since, i've rearranged our bedroom, sitting room, study, and dining room. i even switched physical places of the dining room and sitting room. i've replaced a shelf in the kitchen, rearranged which chairs are in which rooms, and completely changed the orientation of bookshelves in the study. you'd think i had a big test coming up... but i already took the biggest one of my life a few weeks ago! is this compensation? you be the judge.

some evidence:
the dining room is now situated near the front door. we bought a little bench (on the far right) for putting on / taking off shoes.

where the dining room was located before is now a cozy sitting room, complete with books... and cats. i also moved the comfy recliner my parents handed-down to us from the study out in the living room (where henry's sitting on the far right). we really like the extra seating it gives in the living room.

yup, i even rearranged everything in our bedroom. it gets really bright with all the windows, so i had the idea to hang the curtains we bought for the sliding glass doors at our old place... they look extra long and (according to henry) kind of posh.

that's it for now... until i fall off the wagon again.

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Betty said...

I love the rearrangement! Where did you get that cute little shoe bench? Me and Matt want to get one for the end of our bed. Maybe we can use your powers of rearrangement for good and you can come over to our house and work your magic!