26 May 2009

stinky poopybrains

so we have a problem at the tsay house. our dearest darlingest 6-month-old kitten, fuzz, has decided her new favorite sleeping spot is next to the litter box. that's right, literally leaning up against it. fuzz gets covered in the pieces of litter tracked out by both cats when sleeping there. and the worst part: she walks around stinking. she's been a bit of a stinker since we brought her home, but this is litter-stink.

we've resorted to giving her 'baths' almost daily. we have 'waterless shampoo' and 'pet wipes'... but as soon as we get her clean, back she goes to her stinky sleep spot. hopefully it's a phase? meanwhile, our angsty 1-year-old cat millie wanders around the house meowing. we can't figure why: either fuzz really really smells even to her... or millie just needs a boyfriend.

in other news... :-P

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a girl named heather said...

awwww what crazy cats. this is why crazy old ladies have cats.