31 May 2010

rosemary & research

here's a great, short article i caught on new york times' science section today:

it's widely known/studied that grilling meat can create certain chemicals that have been shown to be carcinogens - a term that means they are compounds that can potentially cause some types of cancer. this article presents some evidence that treating meat with rosemary (and to a lesser extent with onion, garlic, and lemon juice) can help prevent some of those compounds from being formed. awesome! especially if you like these tasty herbs anyways.

but - i have to say as a total geek and firm believer in scientific research - one of the best things about this article is the hyperlink in it to a REAL RESEARCH ARTICLE. (the abstract on the pubmed search engine, in fact.) holy cow. i breathed deeply, sighed, and teared up a little bit on that one. bravo, new york times. eternal kudos for you tonight. ::electronic hug!!::

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