30 May 2010


henry took this picture of our two cats lounging all over me a few weeks ago.

i love our cats. regardless of their sometimes silly (and at times annoying) antics, they defy the stereotypes of their species and make us melt.

millie (striped) plays fetch like a dog. throw the right toy, and she'll bring it back to you every time. she's fastidious and proper. you'll always find her curled up in a sunny spot or cleaning herself. she's the first to greet me when i get home (and also the first to ask for food at any meal time, although she's the skinnier of the two only eating a small portion).

fuzz (black & white) is the lazy, laid back, goofy one. she follows henry around the house like his shadow. in the mornings he has to throw a toy to keep her from following him right out the door to work. she grazes at the food bowl, slow and steady, and has surpassed millie in weight because of it. she's slower moving, but tender and affectionate.

both are surprisingly social for cats, which keeps things fun around our place. it's hard to believe millie turned 2 this month and fuzz turns 2 this fall. i don't think either of us had any idea what kind of buddies our kitties would be when we picked them up from the humane society, but we're grateful daily that we did.

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