17 May 2010


and so commences my fourth and final year of medical school! AHH! for those counting, i am now in 20th grade.

i'm currently on my last week and a half of a radiology elective. because of our research block during third year, i have one clerkship to finish during my fourth year this summer. here's the lowdown:

june: internal medicine acting internship
july-august: OB/GYN clerkship
september: anesthesiology elective @ VA, Step2CK
october: family medicine acting internship
november: off for residency interviews
december: medical ICU acting internship, Step2CS
january: off for residency interviews
[jan-april]: clinical skills teaching assistant for 1st years
february: master physical diagnosis
march: ambulatory internal medicine @ VA
april: infectious diseases elective
may 15, 2011 GRADUATION

i'm pretty pumped about all this. now i just need to figure out where i'm going to spend the next 3 years of my life training as an internal medicine resident and get them to pick me. !

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