28 January 2009

Rx: humility, #90, 1 po TID.

i loathe self-righteousness. you are no better than me. i am no better than you. there are people i look to for advice and example, but not one of them is 'better' than me. and not one of them, no matter their station, has a reason to act self-righteously in response.

although i generally consider my relationship with my God to be a private affair, i will declare that i am learning more fully each day why the Lord our God loathes self-righteousness and pride. because it's laughable and horrifying at the same time. because it destroys the image of the person who displays it while simultaneously enraging, frustrating, or humiliating the witness. most simply - because it's a lie. your superior attitude is a lie.

here's wishing my job as a physician allowed me to prescribe an ounce of humility three times daily... and that people would swallow it.

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Betty said...

I agree with your post, and in a nerdy way, i just love your title. It made me smile :)