12 January 2009

state-side... back in school... with a new kitten.

taiwan was incredible! i'll have to write about it soon ... or for pictures with descriptions, visit my facebook albums (1-4). :)

in other news, we have a new kitten! we call her fuzz. we got her as a pal for millie, but they aren't friends yet. fuzz is super curious about millie and not a bit afraid, but we think millie is feeling either jealous or defensive of this new creature in the apartment. we've consulted some experts and are currently engaged in "operation let's-not-start-WWIII." i'm sure they'll be friends eventually, it just may take some time. fuzz purrs like a maniac... that's gotta win millie over at some point!

here's a picture our new little green-eyed beauty. she's even cuter in person.

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Betty said...

Fuzz is such a cutie!!!