01 February 2009

radio and naughty cat

so the other night, henry and i were at circuit city (which is going out of business in hoover = awesome sales) and we found this ipod radio remote on sale for $29 ($49 on apple.com). i absolutely love it. i'm a big talk radio fan, and i listen to NPR pretty much all the time. and that's the one thing about my ipod classic i wish it had -- radio. so, this does the trick. it's an FM radio receiver. woot!

in other news, our kitten fuzz figured out how to get herself INSIDE THE COUCH last night. we still haven't figure out all the details... we were sitting on the couch and felt a bump. our other cat, millie, was sitting behind the couch peering curiously under it... and that's when we realized, holy cow, fuzz must be inside? so we up-ended the couch and discovered a hole in the felt that covers the bottom. we felt around, tried to use the kone vacuum to scare her into jumping out... all to no avail. at some point she managed to climb from under the seats to the back of the couch, and then we didn't hear any noises. for a split second, we feared the worst. had we squished our cat inside our couch?! augh! it was at that point i retrieved my handy-dandy pen light from my white coat and flashed it into the couch. in the back corner i saw a little white paw. i grabbed it and started dragging her out! i mentioned to henry once or twice during this whole ordeal it felt like a very poorly carried out c-section (ha!). in any case, we got her out safely. then we used cardboard and electrical tape to try and prevent it from happening again. hopefully. oh man. always keeping us on our toes. :)

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