23 January 2009

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so for christmas, henry got me these terrific Tovolo popsicle molds. we used to have something like it growing up, and hey, sometimes you're just craving a juice pop. i poured in some orange juice last night, and voila!

this afternoon, i had a delicious popsicle. and honestly, nutritionally, it was just a glass of orange juice. wham-bam!

in other news, henry and i have recently begun looking for a new
apartment. our lease is up in april at our current apartment, and we're not thrilled about the idea of renewing it here. it's pricier than we realized when we signed the lease, and after living here, the location could really be better. apartment-searching is an exciting business, but it's also tiring and disappointing. a number of places we've already looked at are "perfect... except for ____." and that blank generally includes something like a front door. (ok, so most places have front doors, but it generally is something like central air conditioning which is a mustmustmust in the deep south.)

med school is, well med school. it's been a journey.
things have finally calmed down a bit since first year... i've figured out the (awful) pace and put my body on cruise control. second year has seemed more managable because of this. for reference, we are currently in the last week of endocrinology, about to start reproductive medicine. after repro, it's 6 weeks of review class / independent study for the USMLE Step 1 exam (*cue Star Wars deathstar music*). this exam consists of precisely 337 impossible questions to stump already worn out 2nd year medical students who just want to pass and start their clerkships. the questions are drawn from any and everything from the first 2 years of medical school. it's the 1st of three exams we take to be lisenced as physicians to practice medicine in the US. needless to say, i think of this exam as infrequently as possible to avoid panic attacks in public places. ohmanohmanohman. moving on...

our new kitten fuzz and 8month old (still-thinks-she's-a-kit
ten) millie are finally getting along! internet sources and various acquaintances (including the vet) told us it might take months for them to become playmates, but they have discovered they like each other after only a week and a half. they sleep together in a little cat bed on our study desk, lick each other, wrestle, chase each other, eat at the same time, and generally enjoy each other's company. they really are a joy. [millie snagged the bed for herself in this one.]

in other random unrelated news, henry took me to atlanta last friday to check out the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) museum. i am a big nerd, but if you know me even fairly well, you probably understand what a HUGE deal this was. i have wanted to be a virus hunter / doctor / epidemiologist / person-who-gets-to-wear-a-biohazard-suit-to-work fanatic since i was approximately 11. the museum was small and there was no one else there... but we did find a biohazard suit. it was amazing.

and now you are updated on life! ...sort of. :)

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Betty said...

VERY exciting! And I want one of those popsicle molds, that looks awesome! Good luck with apartment hunting, it is annoying!