29 April 2009


first news of the day: i received my step 1 score. ::gasp:: and... i passed, i passed, i passed! and i did much more than that. i kicked its @$$. this gives me an endless number of opportunities for residencies -- i'll be much more competitive than i ever dreamed. i'm still a little shocked. what a blessing. !

also, i am the proud new owner of a PAGER. that's right, one of those really annoying archaic devices that beep-beep-beeps and makes you look important. hopefully i won't get paged too much. they handed them out at 8am this morning at 3rd year orientation, and they regretted it shortly thereafter. really, whose idea was it to give 180 medical students pagers they don't know how to use and then give presentations for the following 8 hours? hilarity ensued: it was a chorus of beeps all day. awesome.

in other news, in case this whole doctor thing doesn't work out (which it will, or else henry and i will be tens of thousands of dollars in debt (!) eek!), i am proud to say i could probably run a pretty successful amazon store. i have listed about 16ish books in the past two weeks, and all but 2 have now sold. and i'm not talking selling books for $10... we're talking $40 and $50 a book. some serious cash. economy schemonomy. students still need books! eat that, wall street.

another recent development: i'm beginning my 3rd year 'scholarly activity' which consists of 12 weeks of research. my project will be with the department of adolescent medicine at children's hospital working on a project i've designed to complement some research that has already been done in the area of STD/HIV prevention. i'm pretty pumped about it - whenever i figure out what the heck i'm doing. :-P i have a cubicle, a badge, a computer with statistics software (i <3 SPSS, thanks SU psych profs), and a smile... hopefully that will all add up to a relaxed and productive few weeks before i start my neurology clerkship in july.

with this extra time in the evenings (research is an 8-5, baby!), i will be honing my wii skills (my birthday gift from henry) and catching up on movies (y'know, from the past 2 yrs...). henry and i just subscribed to netflix, so i'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of slumdog millionare, first up in our queue. yippee! movies! and time to watch them! i'll probably be doing other things too, but i'm pretty excited about these two.


Henry said...

1. WIN!
2. You can say ASS. Jesus will still love you, I promise.

a girl named heather said...

awesome!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you did well. that's phenomenal sharon!

i called parents to say i was nervous about tomorrow, and they just talked about you and your wonderful score -- favorite??? yes. hahahah love you.