20 April 2009

beautiful new apartment in the clouds

i recently posted that it is a new chapter for me: and indeed it is! henry and i moved into a new apartment on friday, and i am loving it.

the move was a pretty smooth one - we hired movers! what a blessing. unfortunately, henry caught a stomach bug last week, so he spent a lot of time before moving day and this past weekend out of commission. :( this left me as the primary packer / unpacker extraordinaire. although i would have loved henry's help, it was such a joy to be able to take care of things for him. i have found this to be one of the great mysteries of marriage: tasks that i would normally find inane or tedious, if being done for henry, are much less so. i hope this is something that does not fade in our marriage.

although i have not formally commented on step 1, i will say simply that i am incredibly grateful to be on the other side of it. the test was grueling. i felt well-prepared by the oodles of questions i'd done, and i hope that this reflects in my score... but i'm not holding my breath. a passing score is good enough for me!

so i have off this week and part of next - what a beautiful thing! although much of this time will be spent cleaning the old apartment and organizing the new apartment, the smaller-than-usual weight on my shoulders is dizzying. it's my plan to savor every delicious moment of freedom, regardless of what i'm doing.

pictures of the new apartment to come!

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