05 April 2009

exhaustion sets in.

usmle step 1 countdown- 5 days. i cannot wait. don't get me wrong, i'm scared senseless of the exam, but i am so ready to have it all behind me.

this season in my life has been wrought with frustration, sleepless nights, stomach aches, social isolation, poor nutrition, excessive caffeine, and general anxiety and worry. my brain is full. i'm exhausted from exhaustion. my bladder is permanently shaking from the amount of mountain dew i've consumed. my eyes are practically crossed. my phone is turned off. i can count on one hand the number of days i have had interaction with human beings other than henry in the past 4 weeks.

there have absolutely been moments of epiphany and understanding - but sprinkled amongst hours of confusion and frustration. i'm ready to rejoin society. anyone wanna buy me a drink friday night? :)


allison said...

i love you! you can do it! also, watch your mailbox this week...

a girl named heather said...

shhhharon. i love you. i am thinking about you. i cannot wait to see you. and you are going to ROCK that test :)