05 November 2008

pages turning.

i would hereby like to flog myself for never having finished reading Atonement long before now. i still haven't seen the movie (movies from books are lame, pssh), but i've read other Ian McEwan, so i should have known this would make me laugh and cry and feel everything in between.

i love reading. i need this sanity that is fall break to remember how to feel.

(and what a night it was last night for remembering how to feel... change has come to America.)

heavenly dark chocolate brownies are rising in the oven in a slippery, red silicone bake pan (finally breaking in a lovely wedding gift). soon this whole place will smell of glorious chocolate... and even so, i will probably be more greedily devouring the last few pages of this book.

1 comment:

worthamduo said...

didn't the last ten pages make it work for you?? augh!! i am tempted to worship him!!