03 November 2008

much-needed break

it's fall break this week, and it's just a glorious time for a break! i'm so thrilled to have some time to let my brain rest in the midst of medical school. i started the week off getting down to business. today, i have spent the day cleaning, vacuuming, rearranging, organizing, sorting, washing dishes, laundry, dusting, scooping litter, scrubbing the bathroom, and straightening up. this apartment will sparkle soon.

i'm excited about the election
tomorrow. i have discovered two wonderful incentives for those wishy-washy voters out there: free Starbucks coffee for voters and free Ben & Jerry's tomorrow. i encourage everyone to spend some time in thought about what is important to them before voting. in the past, i have been a party to voting based on what a pastor, professor, or friend has encouraged me to vote... this year (and from now on), i will vote with my own brain. i have decided to vote for Obama, as i claim a "whole"-life stance rather than a mere "pro-life" stance. the latter is important, but the former is paramount. we can claim as Christians that bringing children into this world is important, but we cannot forget about them once they are here! no, i will not give in to the right-wing hype. and i will not legislate personal convictions, nor do i support a president who would. but i encourage you... no matter what i say... decide what's important to you and vote that way. don't let other people decide your vote!

henry and i enjoyed some time with friends at the med school Halloween party on friday night. i went as the game 'Operation' and henry went as my 'doctor'.

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worthamduo said...

free krispy kreme too!