07 April 2011

then and now and soon

so henry and i went up to new york last weekend for our epic apartment search. we worked with a broker - who was a friend of a friend - and saw a bunch of apartments. ultimately, we just fell head-over-heels in love with the one we chose. yes, it's incredibly expensive. we prepared for that... it's manhattan, after all... but i'm trying not to think about that. what i am focusing on: we have a home in new york! i'm sure i'll share much more about it once we move.

while we were in new york this time, we strolled around central park. 2 years ago, henry took me to nyc for our 1st wedding anniversary. we had one particularly wonderful afternoon on that trip strolling around central park in which we ended up relaxing on a bench near the lake. because we're silly, sentimental, and obsessed with our new home, we decided to recreate the afternoon! we strolled, relaxed on our bench, and snapped another picture. not much has changed in our physical appearance over these two short years - but if you could photograph the excitement we both share for our future here, it would be overwhelming.

july 2009

april 2011

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