31 August 2009

our guest room

so a week or so ago when i was procrastinating studying for my neuro shelf exam, i came up with an entirely new layout for most of our apartment.


better yet, i went ahead and arranged it, too. henry just shakes his head and rolls his eyes, but ask him what he thinks of it now and he will genuinely tell you it's lovely. see? i'm a revolutionary. :-P

here are a few pictures of the new layout in our second bedroom. it's a guest room / sitting room / library now -- many thanks to my parents for lending us my old twin bed.


a girl named heather said...

Have you diagnosed your room re-arrangingness yet? :) I like it.

Katy said...

when can I come stay? I love reading your blog. It inspires me to blog again.

sharon tsay said...

anytime, katy! please!