04 August 2009

beginning of the rest of my life.

so i've been on neurology for a little over a week now. i'm working with the stroke team, then i will switch to general neurology next week. i had my first overnight call last thursday: 1 hour of sleep, 29 hours straight at the hospital. even though that sounds positively awful (which physiologically, it was), i am overjoyed to be in the hospital.

i have a million thoughts going through my head about my experiences, and i keep prodding myself to record them in my journal or this blog. between waking up at 5am, being at the hospital until 6pm, trying to catch up with henry over dinner, and possibly getting some studying in (we take the NBME shelf exams at the end of each rotation), it's been pretty hard to manage even 5 hours of sleep a night, let alone any internet mischief. but i will try.

confusion never stops
closing walls and ticking clocks
gonna come back and take you home
i could not stop that you now know
come out upon my seas
cursed missed opportunities
am i part of the cure?
or am i part of the disease?
you are, you are, you are
and nothing else compares.

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