14 July 2009

caught in a fob mob

in NYC. loving it. it'd be a little hard to get used to all these groups of tourists (i suppose this includes me this week) running around the streets all the time if you lived here, but man, it would be worth it.

my feet are throbbing, and i'm a bit more sunburned than i expected, but my first tastes of the city have been delightful. had delicious, fresh pizza last night at a hole in the wall italian place and explored rockefeller center and 5th ave. went ALL over the place today, include up and down the east and hudson rivers. had an awesome dinner at fusia, before meeting up with some of henry's friends from college for dessert at kyotofu -- both places come highly recommended after eating there.

looking forward to a few more days of city life!

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Mark and April Skinner said...

Fun!!! I loved New York, both times I went actually :)

We've moved into our new apt in the 'ham (we live in Rollingwood Apts. off Columbiana, almost to 31), so we should get together sometime! Hope you have a great time during the rest of your trip :)