04 February 2011


26 flights. 12 interview days. 7 taxis. 5 hotel rooms. 4 air mattresses. 3 times through a body-scanner, with 2 subsequent patdowns. 1 cancelled flight. 1 rented car. countless amtrak, light rail, subway, and bus rides. ah, the residency interview process. it's been quite a season. i started interviewing in november, did a month in the MICU (medical intensive care unit) in december, then spent the entire month of january away from home (see below). every one of my interviews, save one (my own hospital), were in locations that required a flight. i can't even describe to you how much i loathe airports at this point.

i will refrain from talking about which residency programs i liked best/details of interviews/etc at this point. look for an exciting post on march 17 about which program i've matched to! Or, feel free to talk to me in person. :)

for now, here are some highlights from the trips i took for the i
nterviews. in addition to the excessive traveling i did in january (narrowly missing countless snowstorms, i might add), i also travelled in november. i picked a few pictures from a few places... especially ones henry came on.

pittsburgh, pa. where i grew up! here's a shot with my childhood street sign, and another of the beautiful downtown.

baltimore, md. the beautiful inner harbor.

chicago, il. plenty of snow and ice and cold, but loved every minute of it. at the ice-skating rink and "the bean" in millenium park.

new york, ny. the winter wonderland that is central park and ice-skating

lawrence, ks. not an actual interview location, but a short trip from st. louis and the location of university of kansas and my little sister! here's a shot of her with the beloved jayhawk and a lovely building on campus.

... what a whirlwind, but what fun! although i am happy staying put for a little while, i'm planning a few more trips for the end of 4th year - making the most of less responsibility before the ultimate responsibility of being an MD creeps up on me. :)

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