07 December 2009


finding it incredibly sad that i have little time or energy to ever write anything profound on this blog while i'm collecting so many stories and experiences daily.

i'm at children's now for pediatric general surgery. i love children's... but it's still surgery. eagerly awaiting the end. in fact, i'm on call tonight. i've already been at the hospital for 18 hours... only about 12 more to go. hopefully some of those will involve a little sleep.

poke the body with a stick / roll it down

ignore the moaning / as it tumbles to the ground
be brave and save your day
these days are cold / numbers rule i've been told
the pattern is clear / better fit in the mold
be brave and save your day
to cough up sympathy isn't hard / but it costs
hold tight to your life savings / you have to do what you must
to save your day
so poke the body / roll it down
the grave looks cold / but we're still young
.jose gonzalez.

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