01 October 2009

welcome, autumn!

...and it's october! i usually start playing green day around this time of year, y'know, "wake me up when september ends." apparently september ended this year before i even had a chance to sing. bummer.

but what's not a bummer: the ridiculously beautiful weather. 70s during the day, 50s overnight. if i didn't have to be up so early to head to the hospital, i might even become a morning outdoor exerciser! (convenient to have an excuse, eh? :-P)

and speaking of the hospital - things are going well in doctor world. i still really enjoy medicine... i've noticed about myself that i really like the initial work-up of a patient. someone comes in with symptoms, and we try to put together to puzzle with all the clues. cooper green has been a bit of an adjustment as far as getting things done from a technical standpoint: labs, imaging, etc. i've morphed into a gopher for retrieving these things over the past week or so. it's not so bad. it's satisfying to be able to be helpful, for sure.

life is absolutely busy, but i am enjoying 3rd year immensely. during rounds this morning i had this moment of euphoria thinking about where i was and what i was doing. it seems so cheesy to relate, but i've wanted to be a doctor for most of my life -- and there i was, donning white coat, talking medicine with 4 doctors and another medical student, taking care of real patients. even with the immense frustration and exhaustion medical school creates almost daily, i feel blessed beyond belief to be in a place where my work brings me such moments of joy and humbling appreciation. yippee!

in other news, henry and i got to have dinner last night with some of our close friends from high school. it was such a breath of fresh air. although i am fairly introverted by nature, there's something both comforting and energizing about sharing an evening with close friends. wish we could do that more often.

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allison said...

i always try to listen to that green day song on the last day of september. there are so few songs that have such an appropriate time to be played as that one.

i'm so glad you're loving third year. i love reading your blog posts - it keeps me motivated! there IS a light at the end of this horrible tunnel that is second year!