04 September 2009

call room proselysation

so i'm on call overnight at the VA tonight for medicine, and i just hopped in a call room to take a quick nap before getting back up at 5 to check on my patients (it's 3 now).

upon entering the call room, i was pleased to discover how much nicer it is than the ones in university. clean sheets on the beds, a computer built/manufactured sometime after 1998, and gigantic windows (which will be of no use to me from a waking standpoint because the sun won't be up yet) that remind me i still belong to the world beyond the hospital.

also -- there is a copy of harrison's principles of internal medicine on the nightstand/desk. if you haven't seen this book, i shall describe it for you: it's about 4 inches thick and chock full of blahblahblah about diagnoses. it's excellent, don't get me wrong, but it'd probably knock out an insomniac. (random tidbit: the "harrison" of harrison's is tinsley harrison of the one and only UAB. gotta represent.)

but so the presence of harrison's just cracks me up. it's so cute. it's like the internal medicine docs are the gideons of call room proselytizing. i suppose they think in the short nap i'm about to get i may wake up with a genius idea about a patient's diagnosis - and then, hey! harrison's is handy. could be. we'll see. i'll probably wake up to the sound of my pager and want to throw it across the room... maybe harrison's will follow suit. i'm sure a gideon bible or two has met this fate?

in any case, i'll be post-call tomorrow. a day of disorientation and stomach aches to look forward to. on call again monday on labor day. such is the life. < /end > playful cynic

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