18 February 2014

2013: a pictorial review (with highlights!)

happy 2014, e'rybody! 

i didn't do so hot with blogging in 2013, but what a year it was. in a word? exhausting. okay, another word? FUN. travels and work predominated. although i wasn't very good with the blog, i did consistently keep track of things by documenting with snapshots on instagram. although it gets a lot of criticism, i really find it to be a fun, easy, quick way to remember moments and journal adventures. what follows is a mini year-in-review of sorts, illustrated with my favorite instagram shots!

january: we kicked the year off with a weekend trip to Philadelphia (foreshadowing?) and some time closer to home at the Met with a membership my parents got us for Christmas.

february: snowstorm! this year's snow has already put last year's to shame, but snow in the city is always more fun than snow elsewhere given you don't have to drive. biggest february highlight: little sister got married! HEAVON as we like to call them (heather + devon) tied the knot on groundhog day! pictured below with our great uncle jim stealing a dance.

march-april: the trip of a lifetime! we started in barcelona, spain and cruised to madeira and the canary islands. the complete and total joy of the mediterranean in the spring is hard to encapsulate in any medium.

may: discovered the new york botanical gardens in the bronx in full bloom! also attracted fun visitors: DETHBREW (beth + drew) came to visit around my birthday!

june: weekend trip to the bay area for henry's cousin kathy's wedding! we spent time with family and stayed with friends in mountain view. you guys, california is BEAUTIFUL.

july: believe it or not, henry and i celebrated our FIFTH wedding anniversary last year. we spent a long, relaxing weekend in the poconos mountains in northeastern PA, berry-picking and enjoying the outdoors! bluuuuueberries. lots and lots of blueberries.

august: another trip to philadelphia and time spent with mom + dad and grandmoms. so lovely to be so close to family -- and soon even closer!

september: snuck in a quick trip tagging along with henry for work to west palm beach, florida in between my infectious disease fellowship interviews. a brief moment of sun and sand before the cold new york winter.

october: more interviews and autumn in NYC. will never get over autumn in NYC -- central park is a continuous treat of color and activity.

november: thanksgiving off from work! a MIRACLE! this past year was my first time seeing all of our closest family during my residency-- whirlwind trip through the southeast! brothers, sisters, doggies... what a joy.

december: fellowship match! a great time celebrating the successes of dear residency friends. learned that we're moving to philadelphia for the next chapter of our lives starting in july 2014.

overall, the year had a flavor of family -- which fits perfectly with our move this year to philadelphia where we'll be (finally!) in the same town with most of my extended family. on top of that, can't say enough about how much travel continues to shape our views of the world. 

other 2013 highlights:

*CROCHET! with encouragement from my grandmom pierce, i picked up crocheting and am almost done with my first big project: a colorful zigzag blanket! look for an upcoming post with more details and pictures. 

*BOOKS! maintained my voracious appetite for the written word. read a slew of great books this year. some of the most recent (and non-infectious-disease-related): junot diaz's the brief wondrous life of oscar wao and mary karr's lit

*VEGGIES! after several years of moving towards vegetarianism, henry and i finally took the plunge last year in april. we've been meat free (with an ever-so-occasional piece of fish) for the past year and really enjoying it. our cooking has hugely benefited: our creativity has soared! look for upcoming food posts and ideas.

*HEALTHY! last highlight, but certinaly not least, i finally took charge of persistent bad eating habits in september and joined weightwatchers. i've managed to lose 20 lb (TWENTY!) to date. when i say it like that, it sounds amazing, but truly it's been slow and steady. what it comes down to: i'm learning to eat well. still have a little ways to go in chiseling off college, med school, marriage, and residency weight (!), but getting there healthily and loving the way clothes fit and my step bounces. 

here's to a great 2014 ahead!

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